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Sales You Won't Want To Miss!

Saturday, September 16th

(Map located at bottom of page)

Clear out your clutter and get ready for the much-awaited Colfax City Wide Yard Sale! It's the perfect opportunity to declutter your home and discover hidden treasures from your neighbors. Business owners, this one's for you, too! We can add special sales, inventory clear outs or anything else you have in mind to our map as well! 

To be included in the official yard sale map, simply fill out the registration form and pay the $5 fee. This will ensure your sale's location is marked for all treasure hunters to find!

Whether you're a buyer or a seller, the Colfax City Wide Yard sale promises a day of fun, deals, and the thrill of the hunt! 

Mark your calendars, spread the word, and great ready to make some great finds! See you there!

Scroll down and you'll find our interactive map of all of the sales in town! Simply click on the red markers to see the hours and details of each sale. If accessing from a mobile device you have the option of seeing a list view by clicking on the 3 lines on the upper left corner of the map and click "List". 

Sept 16, 2023

Hours vary by Sale

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