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Holiday Market Vendor Application 

10x 10 Booth Space $20- no power

10x 10 Booth Space $25 - power (limited number available)

Do you require power?

BOOTH DISPLAY & SET-UP 1. The applicant must be present for check-in and sign the waiver of liability. 2. Check-in and set-up will be Friday Dec.3, 10:00 AM to 11:30 it is the understanding that the Colfax Chamber of Commerce, City of Colfax, and Colfax Downtown Association is not, and will not be responsible in any way for loss or damage to participant’s property. Exhibitors are responsible for their personal and property liability. 3. Exhibitors must furnish their own display tables, skirting, chairs, extension cords, tents, etc. All displays must be designed, constructed and operated in good taste. 4. All displays, transactions, signage, and activities must be confined to exhibitor’s assigned space. Signs, tents, canopies or any other part or display may not extend over or into walkways. 5. All booths must be set up and manned by 11:45 AM on morning of the street fair. 6. Only official motorized carts and emergency vehicles will be allowed within the vendor fair during show hours. 7. If you have to restock from your trailer or vehicle during festival hours, please be prepared to do so yourself. 8. No booths will be allowed to breakdown prior to the close of the street fair, Saturday at 7:00 PM Before submitting this application, I understand the following: - Booth spaces are 10'x10' and only open on one side. - I will not roam and will confine all sales to my purchased area. - I am responsible for providing items for and setting up my own booth. - I will not close my booth early. - I will apply for and purchase any required permits. __

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