Colfax Historic Preservation Commission


Co-Chairs: Robert Krikac and Debbie Snell      

Members: Claudia Rollins, Patti Cammack, Frank White and John Solimine



Duties & Responsibilities

The primary responsibilities of the Historic Preservation Commission are to identify and actively encourage the conservation of the city’s historic resources by initiating and maintaining a register of historic places and reviewing proposed changes to register properties; to raise community awareness of the city’s history and historic resources; and to serve as the city’s primary resource in matters of history, historic planning, and preservation. CMC 15.52.040




Colfax Municipal Code Chapter 15.52.040

Administrative Liaison

City Administrator




Seven (7) members appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by City Council. 




Each member shall have a separate position, and each position shall have a staggered term of appointment so that one respective member's term expires every year.  The term of office for each member shall be five (5) years.




The Historic Preservation Commission shall meet the third Thursday of each month at 6 PM at City Council Chambers (400 N. Mill St)

Whitman County Historical Society