Colfax Downtown Association

Colfax has just been accepted into the Main Street Program.  This program will help us revitalize our historic downtown area and offer possible tax credits for businesses while helping our community.



Following the Main Street Program will help revitalize downtown Colfax.

The four point approach:


Organization Committee

Purpose: Deals with membership development, fundraising, and other organizational chores.

Goal: Provide leadership and encourage a cooperative spirit to support a well-funded, action-oriented organization.


Promotion Committee

Purpose: Primary responsibility is to market a unified, quality image of the business district as the center of activities goods and services to retailers, shoppers, investors, and tourists.

Goal: Promote downtown as the historic, social, cultural and economic center of the community.


Design Committee

Purpose: Foster an attracitve, visually coordinated image of the Downtown by capitalizing on its unique physical assets and heritage.

Goal: Provide a clean, inviting and safe district that capitalizes on our historic features and buildings.


Economic Restructuring

Purpose: Works to develop a market strategy that will result in an improved retail mix, a stronger tax base, increased investor confidence, and a stable role for the downtown as a major component of the city's economy.

Goal: Strengthen and broaden downtown's economic base.